Chen Shelach
Director, Editor, Script writer

Graduate of the School of Television Professions – GivatHaviva Professional Filmography 2017 – One of the writers and content editor of "Cover Story" – the story of Israeli "Mossad" 2016 – Scriptwriter and director of "Pig in the Holy Land" – the story of the pork industry in Israel

2014 – Scriptwriter and director (in cooperation with DokiDror) of "My Enemy, My Partner" – the story of an Israeli and a Palestinian who build a business together

2012 – Scriptwriter, director and shooting of "Photo-Novella" – a private journey to the cycle of secrets and silences in the family

2008 – Scriptwriter and director of "When Jabel Fell" – the story of combat soldiers in an elite unit who deal with the failure of a military campaign