Jews' ghosts live In Muranow neighborhood in Warsaw. At night, they shake off the dust and ashes that cover them and start wonder the streets that used to belong to them before the Second World War during which the neighborhood turned into the biggest ghetto in history. The neighborhood was ruined as a result of Germans' bombarding and thousands of Jews were buried underneath the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto. Their bodies, as well as the ruins of the buildings, were never removed. The remains of life served as raw materials for the building of the new neighborhood built on the ruins. The new neighborhood has the same name as the old one: "Muranow". The streets of the new neighborhood bear the names of the streets prior to the devastation, but other than that, there is total disconnection between past and present. The distance between the physical, spacious and green appearance and the human tragedy hidden under the ground is almost endless. Perhaps this is the reason why the ghosts go out at night, to reclaim what used to be theirs in the past. Some of the Polish residents of Muranow claim they have met the ghosts. Others think that the ghosts are only a metaphor for the implications of the lives, culture and memory that were buried.